The Beauty of Art

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Denise Kunzie
Art Appreciation/Art 110 601
Jennie Kiessling
August 4, 2011

“Our talents are the gift that God gives to us…What we make of our talents is our gift back”
Leo Buscaglia
Have you ever heard the expression “He’s so talented?” or “She’s so gifted?” I believe everyone has the gift to be talented at something. Whether it is in the career they choose, sewing, baking, speaking, teaching, the list of talents is endless. I feel it is what we do and how we go about doing it that creates the drive in us to believe and pursue our passions in life. Doing for me and others brings happiness and peace in my life. I may not be able to paint like Pasco, or play music like Bach, but because they believed in their passion I can enjoy their work through sight and sound. This is also true with the works of Goldsworthy. He has a wonderful understanding and harmony with the relationship between the environment and his art .Giving us photographs and film coverage to enjoy after the work has been completed. Between the changes of the seasons, movement, light, and weather, he finds energy and the space within it to create his work. Life is a journey; it is always in a state of change and awareness to the changes is important. Perhaps to him, art is the same kind of journey, sometimes we are left stranded by things that change but if we can accept what is happening we can move on until the conditions are right to understand.

I feel the intention of his work is to become whole, or part of the land. To have spent time in that space using materials from the earth to create his work. Being connected with the land and the people who have worked on it hundreds of years before our time. Being patient and tolerant of Mother Nature because in a moment his work can be destroyed by the elements, or time. I have a friend here in Loveland who is a sculptor she says her work is permanent, meaning her sculptures stay in one place for many people to come and enjoy. Some of Goldsworthy`s work is permanent because it needs the energy of others to make it work. Some of the other permanent work he has done needs the energy of the earth to make it work as well. Never being able to recreate all of his works, photography is a way he keeps records of his work. In a photograph, his work has no end; it stays in place marking the moment when the work is at the highest level of compleation.Goldsworthy had his first experience with landscape working on a farm as a teenager. He was fascinated by the earth and with what it had to offer. “Farming itself is a sculptural process, fields are ploughed, bales of hay are stacked, and walls are built. The day is spending shaping and re-creating what is around you.” (Observer London, England 1996) Not liking the confinement of doing work is studios; he longed to be outdoors instead. He was drawn to open spaces and urban communities. I believe taking a risk in believing in his passion. Using his talent as a gift, doing work that wasn’t right out of the studios or having been taught how to express and create art. Wanting to work with the earth, time and space. Recreate the energy from time that seems to be forgotten, or lost.

The material he uses is directly from the land itself. Goldsworthy has mastered the skill of what is called a “nature artist.” He works with natural resources such as soil, stone, water, ice, flowers, leaves, sticks, and trees. Totally being a part of, moving through using all his five senses to gather material and ideas to create. He uses a wide variety of different forms. Such as holes, lines that look like snakes, arches, web like shapes, building walls, and all of the recurring forms in nature in the world around us using a variety of media from nature itself. Goldsworthy writes; “Some works have the quantities of snaking but are not snakes…The snake has evolved through a need to move close to the ground, sometimes below, and sometimes above, an expression of the space it...
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