The Beauty of Art

Topics: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Opera, Opera buffa Pages: 2 (858 words) Published: April 29, 2013
He roused my admiration when I was young; he causes my to despair when I reached maturity; he is now the comfort of old age", said Gioachino Rossini. In this quote, Gioachino Rossini was talking about one of the greatest composers in the history of Western music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart was born on January 27, 1756, in Salzburg, Australia. His father, Leopold Mozart,was a famous instructor and an esteemed composer violinist at the court of the Archbishop of Salzburg. Leopold and Anna Maria, his wife, stressed the importance of music to their children. By the age of four, Wolfgang could learn a piece of music in half an hour. By five, he started to compose his own music. Wolfgang composed very quick and wrote huge amounts of music since he was little. It would take over 8 days to play all of his music. At the age of six, Wolfgang performed at the court of Empress Maria Theresa with his talented sister Nannerl. As a child, Mozart went on went on a countinous musical tour across Europe from 1763-1766 with his father and sister. Because of this constant travel, Mozart learned to speak fifteen different languages. On his travels, he won the admiration of musician Johnann Christian Bach in London; moreover, he eventually crytallizing his own mature style. In his seventeen, Wolfgang's reputation as a composer grew constantly throughtout Europe. From 1766 to 1769, Wolfgang spent years writting instrumental works and music for school dramas in German and Latin. In 1768, he produces his first real operas: the German Singspiel Bastien und Bastienne in Salzburg . As the age of fourteen, he set off for Italy and made his way to a successful opera composer. In Rome, Wolfgang became apart of an honorary knightly order by the Pole. At Bologna, Italy, he won the Accademia Filarmonina Award despite its requirements that candidates need to be twenty years old. During these years of travel, Wolfgang produced his first large-scale setting of opera seria: Mitridate(1770),...
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