The Beautiful Bahamas

Topics: The Bahamas, Nassau, Bahamas Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: March 12, 2013
The Beautiful Bahamas
Has there ever been a thought of going to the Bahamas? If not, maybe it should be a thought. The Bahamas is a gorgeous place to visit. To start, the water is a vibrant blue. It is the prettiest ocean water that I have ever seen. Whether flying in or cruising in, it surely is a beautiful sight. The sight of just being able to see the island is like no other. Being in the Bahamas is a great place to go, especially if you have never been there before.

The Bahamians love when cruises come in. It is a big source of where their money comes from. On average, about two to four ships a day dock in Nassau, Bahamas depending on the day of the week. This number of ships is great because the Bahamians get a lot of their money from these tourists. In addition to the cruise lines bringing in money, a restaurant known as Senor Frog helps as well. This restaurant is not only known in the Bahamas, but in other foreign countries as well. If you like to party, this is the place to go. There is a band and people singing, conga lines, and people going crazy. For instance the conga line, this is the best because they have a worker with a bottle of alcohol giving out shots as you walk by. As long as you’re sixteen, they don’t care if you are drinking. That’s the age for most countries outside of the United States. The food is very good as well. They have anywhere from burgers, chicken, pork, to different salads, seafood’s, and nachos. This was one of the best places I went to while visiting the Bahamas.

A third place that I believe keeps the Bahamas a nice place to visit is Paradise Island. Or also known as Atlantis. Atlantis is a big hotel that costs a lot of money to stay at. For instance, they have a Michael Jackson suite that is around 25,000 dollars a night. Ridiculous I know, but it is the most beautiful hotel rooms imagined. I’ve never stayed at Atlantis but I have heard many great things about it. Besides the prices of the rooms, they have an...
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