The Beatles- an Everlasting Influence

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The Beatles—an Everlasting Influence

Robyn Williams
Mr. Jeffery
History 20, Block 6
April 5, 2012
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The media is always a topic of controversy but despite any discussion, music is something that society can generally agree upon. Nevertheless, music is a value that needs to be globally accommodated, thus, it is an art that is constantly changing. Musical trends and preferences are incessantly fluctuating and long-lasting prevalence is rare. Therefore, it is quite seldom that an artist can make a permanent impact on popular music culture. However, many people as well as critics believe that The Beatles have had such an impact on musical culture that even forty years after being disbanded, they continue to influence music as society sees it today. The topic of consideration though, is how The Beatles were able to accomplish such a seemingly unattainable pursuit. In fact, The Beatles are such a large influence on modern music because they changed how music would be viewed by audiences, they initiated changes within recording studios, and they were not afraid to address important world issues.

Before The Beatles, it was virtually unheard of for bands to speak out against world issues. Despite this, The Beatles were not afraid to take a stand and address what they felt needed reform. As a specific example, in September of 1964, rumours quickly spread that a Beatles concert in Florida was scheduled to maintain a segregated audience (Cannes). Although a civil rights bill that prohibited discrimination in public places was passed just two months earlier (Our Documents), America was still adjusting to the sudden change. However, The Beatles were not afraid to reveal their sense of moral obligation and they publicly refused to perform. “We never play to segregated audiences, and we aren’t going to start now,” claimed John Lennon, a Beatles vocalist, prior to the concert (Cannes). The concert...
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