The Beast Within

Topics: English-language films, High school, Novel Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: March 13, 2012
The Beast Within Essay Task- By William Bichler

The Beast Within is something that is inside every person whether they are good or evil. The Beast Within as a concept varies between the different texts and forms of writing. However in Michael Parker’s thrilling first novel, Doppelganger The Beast Within is portrayed through the thoughts of a normal high school student or so he thought. Doppelganger is supported by The final report documentary because of the close relations to the internal thoughts that were going through the two crazed boys heads at the time. The Beast Within is shown when these two murderers let out their own beasts purely out of fear and revenge, this resulted in many high school students to be killed. The Beast Within is supported and referenced by the idea of good and evil characters during the whole novel of Doppelganger. As Andrew begins to understand the evil within him, his horrified tone furthers the conflict between good and evil. Parker uses persuasive language to further exemplify the conflict between good and evil. An example of this is found in the novel, ‘Come on Josh, either you’re in or you’re out,’ which conveys a scene in which Andrew must choose either to submit to the pressure or choose the darker route. The representation of The Beast Within is showed through the good and evil characters that Andrew faced in both worlds The Beast Within concept is represented by the constant linking of independence through the main character, Andrew Davies. During the beginning of the book, the hero, Andrew, had little or no confidence in himself, leaving Josh to decide everything for him. Andrew was always following Josh whether it was for better or for worse. During the dark Sydney experience he gained confidence with himself and he took matters into his own hand and destroyed the metsin factory. ‘I rammed the butt of the machine gun and shattered beaker after beaker of metsin.’ Parker uses first person point of view to show Andrews...
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