The Bean Eaters

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Gwendolyn Brook’s poem, “The Bean Eaters” as depicted in eleven lines, is symbolic to a more mature couple that has endured a journey filled with togetherness, obstacles, and peace. Although, its setting is surrounded with restraints, limitations, and isolation, they have lived their better days and have what’s left of their future together. The image portrayed by the author presents a quiet, sensitive, grim yet humble atmosphere. The author emphasize that the couple is of maturity, “Two who have lived their days” (6). They live in a small rental with only each others company. It is obvious that they have lived the best of their days working closely together and surviving on a strict budget, “They eat beans mostly, this old yellow pair” (line 1). The setting portrayed by the author presents restraints, and limitations, “Plain chipware on a plain and creaking wood” (3), Tin flatware” (4). In this setting, it appears that the couple is conservative and lives with the same routine in their tight rented space. In this poem, there is no other family or friends, “this old yellow pair” (1), Two who are Mostly Good” (5), “Two who have lived their days” (6). This is evidence that they were loners. The key word that continued to arise is giving distinction of just a pair. “Remembering, with twinkling and twinges” (10), they have endures their past together and are holding on for their final destination. In conclusion, Gwendolyn Brook’s poem, “The Bean Eaters”, is built on the lives of a couple who have lived and laughed throughout their journey together.

Aaron, J. (2007). The Little, Brown Compact Handbook (6th ed.). New York: Pearson
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