The Beach

Topics: English-language films, Beach, American films Pages: 1 (353 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Just imagine a soothing, peaceful, majestic strip of sand and pebbles where land meets the sea and sea meets land. This amazingly gorgeous, serene piece of earth, commonly known as the beach, is my happy place. I stumbled upon this fortunate stroke of serendipity in my early childhood and it appalls me that at some point in history this astonishing creation didn’t exist. Since I’m rambling and your reading I guess I can tell you about my first visit to the beach. Although I was a child I can vividly remember this vacation, being that it was my first trip to my happy place. This life changing vacation started with a long, boring, and tiresome drive from Jackson, MS to Myrtle Beach, SC. From listening to the terrible music my dad played, the annoying screech of my mother’s complaining, and the irritating click click click of sister’s phone my head was about to explode. Finally we are here! As I got out of the car I couldn’t help but marvel at picturesque shore lined with blue velvet waves tranquilly flowing onto the sandy coastline. “Ouch” I quickly yelped, maybe I shouldn’t have gotten out the car on the blazing hot cracked pavement without shoes on. Besides this minor onset of pain I was already having the time of life. I joyfully sprinted from the car feeling the warm minute grains of sand between my toes as I met the coastline. The sea gulls roared above my head as sweet sweet smell of barbeque consumed the air. All of a sudden the semi-enticing smell of salt water and seaweed quickly filled my nose as I submerged myself in water. Roaring in my ear were the vibrations of the water from swimmers nearby and fish fleeing my general area. I tossed dunked swam and jumped until my limbs grew weary and it was time to depart from my happy place. I felt that for once in my life I was truly at peace with myself and I have found true happiness in my heart. Surprisingly this was only a day at the beach.
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