The Bbcor Standard

Topics: Baseball statistics, Baseball, Batting average Pages: 4 (1648 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Hunter Tipton
Mr. Aaron Gottbrath
English IV Final Paper
May 1, 2012
The BBCOR Standard
There are mixed reactions to the acronym BBCOR in the baseball community. If someone would be to ask a pitcher what they thought about the BBCOR bats, many would say that they love the new bats. If someone were to ask someone that is a batter, they more than likely would say that they don’t like the new bats. There are those that look strictly on the statistics and say that the new bats are great because they are safer than the old BESR bats. Coaches have had to change the way they coach and play the game. No matter who you ask that is affiliated with baseball in some way, they will acknowledge that the game has been changed.

The first side that one would need to look at when they were determining how the bats have affected the game is from the players’ points of view. The players are the ones closest to the bats considering that they are the ones that use them. Doc Surrell is a freshman at Bryan College and plays baseball for them. This was his first year with the new bats and it really has shown him a big difference. “I used to be able to hit with most of the power hitters with the old bats,” he said, “but now I’m lucky sometimes to get it halfway into the outfield.” Doc’s high school career was one of a normal baseball player. He had his ups and his downs throughout high school but came out with a chance to play at the nest level. He also commented saying that “The sweet-spot of the bat is just so small, if you barely miss the ball it isn’t going to go as far as it would have with the old ones.”

Kemonte Keesee also a player for Bryan College shows a different view on the bats. Due to the fact that Keesee is on the other side of the bats, being a pitcher, he loves them. “I feel like the bats are good to a pitcher, there have been a lot less homeruns this year than in the past." Keesee recently received the honor of being named the NAIA National...
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