The Bauhaus

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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The Bauhaus Design Movement

The Bauhaus is one of the most important design movements in the twentieth century. It took place in Germany in the 1920’s and 30’s and is considered one of the birthplaces of the Modern Movement in architecture, design and art. The horrible experiences of WWI, poverty and inflation were strong influences. The movement known as Bauhaus was a reaction to social change and resulted in a purism approach with an emphasis in design on straight edges, smooth slim forms, rooms sparsely furnished (minimalism) with shining steel as a new material for furniture.

1. Select a designer from the list.
2. Find an image of a chair that the designer created. This needs to be a clear image as it will be used in your presentation sheet. 3. Write a brief paragraph that outlines the main design contributions of this designer. What was the significance of this work or what did the designer design? 4. Design a border for your page or chair that incorporates lines from the chair. 5. Create of collage of images that show other work created by this designer or other items you feel were influenced by this designer’s work. 6. Set up your page as indicated below. There is a sample found in your course files that you can use as a guide.

Chair created by your Bauhaus designer

Creative page or chair border reflecting the line of this designer

Significant contributions of your designer to this movement, include dates of birth, date of designs, and any other pertinent information

Collage of other designer items or items inspired by this designer
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