The Battles of the Korean War

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  • Published : November 9, 2001
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On June 25, 1950, a war broke out on the peninsula of North and South Korea. The causes of this war were mostly attributed to North Korea's attempted conquest of the entire Korean peninsula. North Korea invaded the South and thus began the Korean War. This was a war that ultimately involved the forces of the United States and numerous other countries. The Korean War cost the lives of 2,000,000 people in only three years. This catastrophic loss of life was due to the events took place during the war. Many, many battles took place during the Korean War. At dawn on June 25, 1950, 90,000 soldiers were sent into the Southern Republic of Korea or South Korea. These 90,000 men made up two-thirds of the 135,000 man army of North Korea. On June 28, North Korean forces capture the South Korean capital of Seoul and almost completely destroy the South Korean army. This and various other battles were known as the North Korean Invasion. North Korean troops conquered the entire peninsula except for a small portion at the tip. This small, box-shaped area was dubbed the name the "Pusan Perimeter". From here, South Korea barely held off the North. The South suffered many casualties in the process. In United Nations hearings, South Korea asked for support from other members and received it shortly. President Truman ordered U.S. ground forces into Korea to help with the cause of the South. These forces occupied spaces in the Pusan Perimeter and aided the South. Soon after, the UN creates the United Nations Command to establish leadership amongst UN forces. General Douglas MacArthur was their leader. Under MacArthur's first week of command, North Korean forces desperately tried to break down the Pusan Perimeter with the heaviest fighting of the war yet. With the superior leadership of General Douglas MacArthur, September to October 1950 was a turning point in the war for the United Nations forces. From the Pusan Perimeter, MacArthur was able to press onward up to...
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