The Battle over Citizen Kane

Topics: Orson Welles, Citizen Kane, RKO Pictures Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Battle over Citizen Kane

I really enjoyed watching this extremely interesting and entertaining documentary about all of the aspects of this film. In most aspects, Orson Welles was the most interesting and fascinating character. It was almost as if I had wanted to learn more about him for a really long time and I never had. It was very well put together and had some great stories.

It seemed that I made the similarity of Orson to Marilyn Monroe. I am not a scholar on Marilyn, but I know that she was groundbreaking woman of her time and that she questioned how things as were done as a woman. I think that Orson did mostly that, aside from being a sex symbol like Marilyn was. Orson was considered a genius and a mastermind of film and radio and everyone knew it. Talking with a classmate about this movie, we both realized that we were both extremely upset at the "system." Welles was a creative artist that was pushing the limits in so many aspects, and yet since he wasn't playing by the dumb rules, he was forced and rooted out. I am constantly looking at different ways to do things and what can be different, and as I was watching the film, I was gaining more and more respect for Orson.

Soon after he was kicked out and his films were not being supported, he kept his head held high. He did not give up and struggled through hard times with many things. This system that had kicked him out, eventually led to him becoming morbidly obese and more lazy. Think of what he would have become had he been given more chances by RKO pictures. In retrospect, I am very glad I paid attention to this documentary and learned more about all of these people. I saw Citizen Kane when I was far too young to remember it and I am very eager to see what I think of it now, as I have a love for great films.
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