The Battle of the Labyrinth

Topics: Greek mythology, Family, Percy Jackson Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: April 13, 2011
The Battle of the Labyrinth
Percy Jackson, the main character of the book, was a half blood, which means he is a demigod, with his father as Poseidon, the sea god and a mortal mother. He has powers that enables him to control the sea. He is excellent in sword fighting, monster maiming, rock climbing and chariot racing. His best friends, Annabeth and Grover accompanies him on his adventures. There was a prophecy that states when Percy reached 16 years old, he has a decision to save Olympus or destroy Olympus.

Their adventure starts when Percy blows up another school after defeating two demonic cheer leaders-emposais that caused an explosion. It was unfortunate for him as he was just transferred to this new school that required his mother’s boyfriend to pull strings in order for him to get into the school. No other schools are willing to accept him as he has blew up too many schools.

Then, Luke the betrayer of camp half-blood, tries bring Titan Kronos back to life so that he could wreak vengeance against the Greek gods They target camp half-blood, which could be entered using the hidden Labyrinth, enabling all the monsters to enter. The Labyrinth is a mystery, which is as good as a deadly maze. It was invented by a famed inventor, Daedalus. He was believed to be dead, but he was not as he transferred to another body. He has a hellhound as a pet-Mrs. Old ‘Larry. At the same time, they are chasing after Nico, who is the son of Hades that ran away last time because Percy broke his promise of protecting his sister, Bianca and was very angry and sad. He wanted to take revenge for his sister. At the same time, Grover is also finding the wild god, Pan. He must find him within a week or he will be pulled out from his searching license. Tyson, a Cyclops, which is also Percy’s half brother, met Briares, the hundred handed one, which is Cyclops’s cousin. Briares was no longer strong and became afraid of everything.

Then, Luke’s army came out of the labyrinth and...
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