The Battle of Seven Pines

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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‘The Battle of Seven Pines’
May 31- June 1, 1862 - Henrico County, Virginia- While details are still becoming clear about the recent “Battle of Seven Pines,” one thing is for sure. It was fought between the Union ( North) and Confederacy (South). Leading the Confederacy was confederate commander Joseph E. Johnston. The Union was led by General George McLellan. 

This battle all began with Joseph E. Johnston’s (pictured above ) plan to defend the capital. This original plan was supposed to take two thirds of the Confederate army to do defending. The other one third of the army would stay back, and hold Union Army bulk North of the river. Though just recently happening, and having no idea or predictions on how the rest of the war will pay out in the end, it isn’t hard to tell that Joseph E. Johnston’s plan was a bad idea from the start. The factors that made his plan bad, were timing, and the amount of soldiers participating. Not working out how originally planned, due to Johnston’s bad decisions, the battle began five hours later than scheduled. If things had gone as planned, two thirds of the Confederate army would have been participating in this battle. However seeing ast hey did not go as planned, oly a small fraction of the two thirds originally set fought. Though not successfully following through, what was supposed to happen, was Union III and IV Corps were to be destroyed and dissolved by Johnston’s brigades. The IV Corps and Union III were two main operating systems south of the Chickahominy River. All three of the brigades were supposed to battle IV Corps near the Four Oaks Station. As this battle was coming to a halt, the Union commander Johnston, was injured very badly. Injuries received were a bullet shot straight into his right shoulder, and a hit into his chest by a shrapnel. Due to the severity of his injuries, commander Johnston was able to no longer lead the Confederate army. For only a very short time period,...
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