The Battle of Hattin

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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The battle of Hattin took place in 1187 and was fought between the Christians and the Muslims. Both religious accounts of this battle give light on certain aspects missed by the other religion. The Muslim account shows the genius of Saladin, while the Christian account gives a more ruthless image. The Christian account tells of how Saladin ordered skirmishers to harass the Christians from morning to mid-day, while the Muslim account tells Saladin surrounded them not with skirmishers but with his own personal guards, his most faithful troops. The Muslim account then tells of Saladin advancing his infantry and snappers along with the artillery to demolish the Christian’s walls and towers. When the Christians left the Muslim and Christian accounts tell how Saladin ordered his army to grab materials used to make fire and thus smoke out the Christians and blocking them from any possible water source. The Christian account then mentions that Saladin ordered water pots to be put in direct view of the Christians and then to empty them in sight of the Christians. The battle soon began and both accounts tell how the Christians where just completely over matched. The Muslim account then goes on to tell that the Christians fled to the hill of Hattin. Raymond realized there was no hope of victory so he along with a very few followers managed to escape. Both accounts mention the capturing of the “true Cross” which the Muslim account mentions was more devastating of a loss to the Christians tan the loss of their king. The Christian account then mentions that once everyone including Raymond and his followers Saladin was insulted by Raymond and then used his sword and slashed it through Raymond’s body then sprinkled his blood on his head to show vengeance was achieved. Then according to the Christian account Saladin sent the rest of the prisoners to Damascus. The two accounts of the battle of Hattin are not the same just as the religions fighting in it. The Christian account...
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