The Battle of 1588: the Spanish Armada

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8 November, 2012

The Battle of 1588: The Spanish Armada

The downfall of the armada began before the ships even set sailed and concluded when Over half the crew had been wrecked. The Reason for the Armadas failure is because of Poor Planning in Spain prior to the Spanish Armada setting sail, Medina Sidonia poorly leading his troops, and the changing weather and strong navy force from the british. Chances of the Spanish winning could have increased immensely if only they had been smarter with their planning and not so one track minded with taking down the English and turning them into catholics.

When the spanish we’re in the early stages of planning the attack on the british, they realised an invasion on a country like england wouldn’t be as easy as they thought. The reason for this wasn't because England had a strong navy but because they had a smart, cunning navy who would be able to spot the spanish coming from the coast of the Country. Another problem that came up was the loss of 30 spanish ships over the course of a couple months in 1586 when Sir Francis Drake attacked cadiz. (BBC) The next problem that arose, which also became a problem after the armada set sail, was the poor communication between Parma and Spain(and the Armada after the ships had set sail). So when the Armada arrived at Calais, they got word that Parma wasn’t ready to invade England, but current research shows that Parma actually we’re prepared but they had informed soldiers not fighting against England that they would not be fighting to keep it as secret as possible. Thus a long delay occurred off the coast of Calais. This brought up another problem that could have easily been avoided before the Armada set sail. When Philip was planning the attack he didn't bother to look at the geographical layout of the english channel. The coast where Parma's army were waiting the coast was very shallow and not a very steep gradient at all.(Bezzer) The sand...
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