The Battle for Identity

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Eng 1A

The Battle for Identity
In the essay “Stranger in the Village” written by James Baldwin in 1953 from Notes of A Native Son, the author mainly describes the idea of racism from both black and white people perspectives and how it affects to the America society as well as throughout the whole world. This essay was written during the time of Jim Crow Law and the onset of the Civil Right War; hence, it mostly implies the idea of racism in the US. The grief, pain, frustration and devastation that black people had to endure were so great that they had to choose between standing up to fight for their own rights or just staying the same as low life people as they had been. The whites also had to struggle a battle in their mind which they had to overcome the pride of being considered themselves as superior human race so that they could live with the blacks as the same level. The battle, in which both black and white people took part, is indescribably painful since it tortured them physically because of the war in real life and mentally because of the struggle in their mind. The history of segregation which spread throughout the entire America continent changed the fates of numerous black and white people; this change is considered as an achievement to comfort the anguish gnawing in black people, but it’s a big paradigm shift in white people’s perspective.

Anguish and rage are feelings which lingered in African Americans’ mind due to the fact that they had been dehumanized by the whites for a long time, but they couldn’t really do anything to express those feelings. “The white man takes the astonishment… people who have cost me more than anguish and reage than they will ever know, who yet do not even know my existence.” (Baldwin 3) For years, the white people had been, in the very literal mean, controlled the blacks as slaves and even treat them less than level of a human being. As the result, the existence of the black people in the society was nothing but...
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