The Battle for Brainpower

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Talent Survey Assignment

William Geter III

Kaplan University

GB 540: Economics for Global Decision Makers

Instructor: Pamela Morris


Talent Survey Assignment
For most firms today, success or failure is determined by the ability to find, attract, keep, develop, and tap into the most talented workforce that can be assembles. The talent survey article composed regarding Winston Churchill’s speech that discusses a shift in the discovery of the new natural resource going forward. This natural resource is the talents and abilities of the employees that a company can recruit. Historically, the natural resources that a company could obtain were the most important aspect of a company’s growth. However, as time has progressed, the talents and abilities of the workforce and the company’s abilities to attract, keep, develop, and tap into the most talented in the workforce has proven the most important aspect of a company’s success. According the article, The battle for brainpower, “talent has become the most sought after commodity”. In a new age where talent can push a company to success or bring a company to ruin, it is important for a company to recruit the best and brightest employees that the job market has to offer. Because the recruitment of talent has become paramount in the workforce, companies have had to adjust to the changing times and employ techniques the allow them the opportunity to recruit this talent and keep them on staff. One of my good friends is a recruiter. By the simple fact there is an entire industry that that’s only goal is to recruit top talent for the companies that they represent, show the large importance of collecting talent from the job market. As the article states, the battle for natural resources is still active, however, a need for talent to work and manage the companies that deal with these resources has grown to the point where the talent is the most important part of...
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