The Battle Between Grindal and Beowulf

Topics: Beowulf, Grendel's mother, Hroðgar Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: November 9, 2010
The Battle of Grendel & The Avenging of Her Son

On a cloudy night after the banquet, Beowulf and his followers stayed in Herot as promised. Beowulf pretended to sleep waiting for Grendel to appear. Grendel came from the foot of misty hills and bogs hoping to kill but instead he found Beowulf, the one that was supposed to lead him to his doom. On Grendel journey, forever joyless, he went straight to the door, snapped it open, and tore the hinges right of the door with a touch. Grendel rushed angrily over to the threshold where he strode quickly across the inlaid floor, snarling and fierce.

Grendel wonders through the halls to find Herot crowded with sleeping warriors. His eyes gleamed in the darkness, burning with a gruesome light. Grendel was intended to take their lives away. When morning came, the murderous creature was thinking of food and feasting his belly of gnaw the bones of his last human supper he could have had that night. At first Geat, Grendel came snatching hoping to rip him apart by cutting his body into bits with his powerful jaws.

Beowulf promised not to fight Grendel with weapons. Grendel never met a man whose hands were as hard as Beowulf. Grendel’s thoughts were to run away Beowulf but nothing was going to take his talons from the tight grip Beowulf had him in. The infamous killer fought for his freedom, wanting nothing but escape. The trip to Herot was miserable for Grendel.

The benches rattled, fell to the floor, as Grendel and Beowulf battle across them. As the Almighty’s enemy sang, the warriors cowering in their beds terrified. In darkness, the horrible shriek of pain and defeated Grendel knew that he was done. All of Beowulf’s Band had jumped up from their beds, raised their swords, and was ready to fight. They were determined to protect their prince if they could.

They tried using weapons on Grendel but they didn’t work. Grendel days had come to an end. His time was up. Down to the bottomless pits...
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