The Battle Between Fear and Hope

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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The Battle between Fear and Hope

Fear is a major emotion and plays a crucial role in the decisions we make every day. Without fear, we as humans would make rational choices without thinking of the immediate consequences. In this political cartoon, Barack Obama is smashing away at the stone words “Fear” and his black colored mallet spells out “Hope”. In the past, America has been through many struggles and turmoil dealing with previous presidents and devastations. America was hit with two major wars that affected us greatly in many different aspects such as the economy. Jobs loss rates increased and not to mention the overall high national debt we are in. We as Americans are looking high and low for a sense of reassurance to this great nation. Trying to bring America out of this slow economy is a great task for any individual. Fear is very much alive amongst the natives as people struggle to maintain jobs and keep a stable environment to live in. Obama is looked at as somewhat taking the fear away from the American people and help restore peace, hope and our reputation as a country on an international level. Since Obama has been in office, he has had many accomplishments. He captured the extremely allusive Sudan Husain and not to mention he ended the war in Afghanistan. He also decreased the number of troops deployed in Afghanistan to a safe but still dominant number. Too many soldiers are loosing lives in our front line of defense so that was a key achievement. Obama passed the health care reform in his first term and is now in full effect. Many things he said he would accomplish he has done so in a very professional approach. When Obama took office, America was heading down hill and he is expected to bring order and peace back to this once fine country. In great detail the cartoonist, Jimmy Margulies created the words “Fear” in big bold stone letters. The mallet Obama was using was rather small with the words hope detailed across. The cartoonist could be...
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