The Batek

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The Batek are the original and earliest known people of their culture. Their culture is unique. The Batek have a generous way of living, so that everyone does not go without. They are traveling foragers, whose culture is identified by their kinship, social change, and social organization. The Batek of Malaysia is a tribe that hunts and gathers their food. They live in a habitat of a tropical forest with a camp of five or six nuclear families. The Batek are foragers. “Foraging, is one of the oldest forms of human society, dating back to the Paleolithic period, at least a million years ago” (Nowak and Laird, 2010, ch. 3.1). They rely on the land and each other to survive. Working together, helps the tribe succeed in a pleasant society. “The Batek value the freedom afforded by the foraging way of life; they are able to move when and where they wish and engage in any of a number of economic activities.” (C. Lampell, K.) The Batek moves quite often to find fresh food. Kinship plays an important role with the Batek. They are close because of the need of the groups of families to survive. They created this connection of nuclear families to maintain stability on the land. Everyone plays a role when it comes to hunting and gathering food. Marriage is valued within the Batek tribe. They are strict with incest relations. The Batek cannot marry close relatives. Kinship is formed within the nuclear family they reside.

The Batek of Malaysia
The Batek of Malaysia is a hunter-gatherer tribe, they are located in the Malaysian rainforest in groups of families. They would be considered Foragers, They live in camps of five or six nuclear families. Nuclear families consist of a Mother, Father, and their children. “The nuclear family is most common because, in a foraging setting, it is adaptive to various situations.” (Cultural Anthropology Chapter 3.7 Social Organization) There are few differences in the way men and women behave and contribute to camp life. Both...
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