The Basic Teachings of Islam

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Topic: the basic teachings of Islam

Religion is one way of helping people establish a meaningful way of life, ground on promoting humanity’s personal growth and the concerns of others. Religion is not a simple term to define because different people from different societies, cultures and contexts may give different meanings and interpretations of religion. Roger Schmidt in his book, Exploring Religion, comments that, “religion is a set of beliefs, practices, and social structures, grounded in people’s experience of the holy that accommodates their emotional, social, intellectual, and meaning-giving needs.” There are thousands of religions that have existed in the world; some of the major religions are composed of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism. In this paper, I would like to choose the Islam religion as my topic, and I will describe the basic teaching concepts of Islam. Islam is one of the world’s largest religions as well as the youngest of the world’s great religious traditions with almost one billion followers. Islam, as other major traditional religions, has also sought converts across the lines of kinship, nationality, and religious affiliation and tries to bond the follower into a holy community on the basis of doctrine. Before discussing the beliefs and the practices of this universal religion, one must understand the status of Islam and its founding figure. The word Islam means ‘submission’ and the peace that is achieved in submission to the one God, Allah; As Mahmoud M. Ayoub commented, “Islam is a person’s total submission to the will of God, which gives one inner peace and soundness of nature in this life and safety from divine retribution in the life to come.” Many Muslims believe that Muhammad is the life of Islam’s founding figure. Muhammad is one who received the message from god, the prophet whose revelations and leadership catapulted the religion of God in to the world scene. The six Articles of Belief

Islam, one of the monotheistic religions, does not have the complicated theology like Christian does. Islam only has six fundamental elements of faith to study, understand and obey, which are known as the “Six Articles of Belief”. The six articles of faith are the main doctrines and central believes of Islam. Belief in God

Islam is one of the greatest monotheistic religions and the second largest religion in the world. Islam believes in the oneness of God, it is well known that every language has a term referring to God. In Arabic, the word God is called Allah, which is the individual name of the one true god. Allah is the sole creator with all power, mercy and compassion, the savior of the universe. As in Christianity and Judaism, Islam asserts that God is a moral and jealous God who detests sin and evil and tolerates no other gods besides himself. In the Quran, the fundamental element of true belief is uncompromising monotheism. In the five pillars of Islam, particularly Shahadah, it is thought that, “there is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God." This recitation of the creed verifies monotheism and rejects polytheism. In traditional Islam, God is beyond all understanding; Muslims are not anticipated to imagine God but to also worship, venerate and respect God and no one else. Belief in the Quran

Islam is a comparatively straightforward religion with respect to its Holy bible. The Quran is the central text of Islam and considers justice to be a supreme virtue. The Arabic word “Quran” literally means “the recitation.” In Islam the word “Quran” means God’s final message to humankind, which was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. The important message of the Quran is the supremacy of God. Muslims believe that the Quran is eternal, uncreated, literal, and the ultimate word of God revealed to Muhammad as guidance for humanity. Compared to other religious texts, The Quran was always considered to be the Word of God by those who trust in it. The Muslims...
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