The Basic Research on Contemporary China

Topics: Sociology, Law, Political philosophy Pages: 11 (3467 words) Published: May 2, 2013
The Basic Research on Contemporary China
Administrative Culture Construction
Yi, Changliang[1] Li, Lin[2]

Abstract: Nowadays, all over the world is under the globalization and informationalized times. Competition and cooperation in economy、technology、politics are among the different countries. In order to take the comparative advantage, national governments are accelerating the administrative culture reform steps, boost the administrative development. There is no doubt that the administrative culture should adjust to the international administrative environment change. Therefore, contemporary administrative reform has to value the administrative culture reform and development, China administrative reform has to follow the basic ideas of value the administrative culture development and explore administrative culture development.

Key Words: Administrative culture development reform

Administrative culture has been generated along with Human administration practical activity, which is a unique culture from social culture display in administration activity. Administrative culture maintains the special relationship among the staff in administration management, and exhibiting definite group cohesiveness.

Administrative culture is a component of culture, it relates to the national administration system and the attitude、belief、 emotion and value of how people think the administrative activities. As a multi-layered、multiple culture, administrative culture has affected by many kinds of factors, such as historical conditions、geographical environment、social system、ethnic characteristics、culture psychology、culture background and traditional customs. Administrative culture has affect any specific social administration activities by administrative activity、administrative psychology and administrative system,the greatest affection is orientation of administration value. The formation and character of administration culture decides itself to be an invisible power which affects anything with permanent and immense.

At the end of china National People's Congress conference, Chairman Hu points out in his report: “Adhere to the road of socialist political development with Chinese characteristics and promote the reform of political system” , therefore, analyzing deeply the issues and disadvantage of contemporary china administrative culture, exploring the basic thoughts of contemporary china administrative culture construction, which mean a lot to achieve the 18th National Party Congress political reform target and build the socialism construction.

1. Administrative culture plays positive role in social development and stability

1.1 Create the requirements for social development
With the transformation of china government function and development of market economy, our country begin to establish a administrative culture based on development of the productive force、improvement of people’s life and enhancement of national capabilities. In the report of the 18th National Party Congress, comrade Hu, Jintao point out the political restructuring indicating our party and government will follow a new standard、value、idea and principle. This offers a direction for administrative culture with reform-orientation and development-orientation to accelerate our social development, so that achieve our government and national strategic goal, and benefit our social stability at the same time. At present, China is in the period of a significant reform of social transformation. The Chinese government not only need smash up the existing outdated regulation and system, but also should establish and complete the new management regulation and system, which requires the initiative action、forward-looking、the courage to reform、continuous innovation, these might become the significant character of contemporary administrative culture. At the same time, contemporary administrative culture is a positive administration, the process of modernization...
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