The Basic Principles of Management

Topics: Management, Control, Goal Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: August 5, 2010
4 Functions Of Management

M. Annel Cuevas-Contreras

Mgt 330

July 15, 2010

Dr. Charles Parker

To operate a successful business organization or company one needs to have the basic principles of management. To plan, organize, lead and control an organization or company offers a solid foundation of whatever goals or objectives the executives may have. Today, companies are evolving and innovating everything that they have to become competitive in the world market. Any new technology will work better if there is a plan and leaders to control and direct it. The success of companies today cannot be attributed just to technology itself but to the core fundamentals that make technology and their strategies happen.

It is important within an organization that any of process of ideas, objective or goals be thoroughly structured to accomplish effectively their ideals. My husband and myself own a small business called Momentum Arts Academy. Momentum is an academy where children explore and develop their talents to build character, self-esteem and excellence. We strive to give the children the latest in techniques without forgetting fundamental lessons but in order to deliver these things it is necessary for my husband and I to sit several days in meeting and plan ahead schedules, different resources for the children, flyers, brochures for parents. It is imperative for us to prevent a misunderstanding and anticipate possible situations defining clearly our objectives and processes involved for us to reach those objectives.

As an administrator one has to have good knowledge of what customers expect from the organization. Planning allows one to provide customers with straight answers with a backup in writing. This gives certainty to the customers that they have made a good decision in pursuing ones business. Presenting a defined structured program and organization allows a wider and clear panorama of what is expected from customers and as an...
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