The Baroque Period

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  • Published: January 29, 2013
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The Baroque Period
Unit 5 IP 5
Nicole Woodford

When looking at the outwork of this time I was shocked to see how life like a lot of this artist made their paintings. These show the times in which was going on during the time of Jesus death and the feelings in which the people where going through.

The Baroque Period
The artists Rembrandt, Caravaggio, and Rubens all created the Baroque period. The Baroque period was a religious time in which the people looked to artwork defined. The artist Rembrandt was the only painting that did not deal with the death of Jesus. The artwork is just so right to the point making you feel like you are right there seeing this play out in front of you.

The Blinding of the Work

A Description of the Work
The artist Rembrandt created the painting The Blinding of Samson in which he displays how Samson was seduced into telling his secrets to Delilah. Once that happen the Philistines came into the tent to lock him up. In the painting his arm was chained by one soldier and another was holding him. Delilah leaves the tent only to look back for a second at her conquest. There was two more soldiers, one that stabbed him in the eye, and the other waiting on him to move to destroy him. He looked helpless since he was on the ground. The scene inside the tent comes to life when light (, 2009). This is baroque 16th century style, and the way it can be seen is from the attire of everyone in the painting and the soldiers’ body armor. This is a very dramatic and emotion filled picture.  

About the Artist
The artist Rembrandt family is Dutch in which his father was a miller. He did live a comfortable life due to the fact he married Saskia, who had lots of money. Many loved the way he told stories and he loved telling them. This comes with great empathy and compassion. Being very religious, Rembrandt loved anything that dealt with this topic. With his wife they had four children. Now out...
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