The Baroque Music Era

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Baroque music is considered both lively and tuneful and believed to express order.

Derived from the Italian word barocco, meaning bizarre we now translate to English the

style of music we call Baroque. Today the term Baroque has come to represent a clearly

defined type of Music that originated around the 1600’s, coming full circle between

the year 1700 to 1750. Typical of the baroque musicians active in Rome during this

period was the popular Composer and violinist Arcangelo Corelli. Arcangelo Corelli style

of playing developed to become the basis of the violin technique of both the 18th and 19th


Arcangelo Corelli was born in Fusignano, Italy, in 1653, studying originally in Bologna. Corelli first major success was gained in Paris at the early age of nineteen, and from Paris, Corelli went to Germany. In the year 1681 he was in the service of the electoral prince of Bavaria, and in 1685 was in Rome, where he led the festival performances of music for Queen Christina of Sweden were he was also a favorite of the Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni. As a result of his musical achievements and growing reputation he found little trouble in obtaining support and followers. He is remembered within the frame work of history through such titles as the "Founder of Modern Violin Technique," the "World's First Great Violinist," and although he was not the inventor of the Concerto Grosso principle he has also earned the title of the "Father of the Concerto Grosso."

Arcangelo Corelli contributions to both music and the Baroque period can be categorized within the framework of three areas, a violinist, a composer, and a teacher. It was his technical skill and performance on the violin compiled with his extensive and popular concert tours throughout Europe which did most to give the violin its prominent place in music. Corelli's popularity as a violinist was equaled only by his ability as a composer, as seen when he wrote the...
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