The Barber: Movie Synopsis

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  • Published : July 5, 2012
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The barber’s first choice to resolve his conflict is simply to kill Captain Torres. Since the barber is a revolutionary, it would be only natural for him to do just that. Even though the barber feels justified in killing Torres, he also considers letting him alive. By killing Captain Torres, the barber believes that nothing is to be gained by it, and that “others and still others would keep coming, and the first kills the second, and then these kill the next, and so on until everything becomes a sea of blood.” Another consequence of killing Torres would be the loss of his livelihood. The barber would have to leave the town and maybe start a new job all over again to avoid getting killed, and this would cost him his most valued passion of being a barber. Moreover, the barber considers himself a revolutionary, not a murderer. He “does not want to stain his hands with blood. Just with lather, and nothing else.” Torres was an executioner, but the barber was simply a barber. The barber’s decision is to let Torres live, for he values his reputation as the best barber in town more than he does as a revolutionary. The barber is one who faced such a dilemma ,his worst enemy was another a customer in his shop. One choice the barber considered was to kill Torres, a member of the existing regime, for this he would relieve the town of his brutal crimes. However, the barber finally decided against killing Torres as he came to realize he is not one to commit a murder. He is simply a barber and values nothing more than his occupation. Connecting this with the Catholic church catechisms I believe that Human life is sacred’’ because God alone is the Lord of life from its beginning until its end. Therefore the barber made the right decision of not killing Captain Torres, because at the end of the story Captain Torres himself admits that is not easy to kill people , which leads to the answer meaning that Torres was just another man doing his job same as the...
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