The Banning of Pitbulls

Topics: Toy Group, Dog breed, Terrier Pages: 1 (386 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Pit bulls are a breed that is completely misunderstood. Mainly because of the negative media attention they receive. . In all actuality, a pit bull is a crossbreed between different breeds of terriers and bulldogs. The media likes to portray the pit bull as a breed that can not be trained, much less handled by their owners. In all actuality it depends on how they are raised.

People will always believe what they see or hear on the news, fact or fiction. Some people are firm believers that a pit bull is the best breed of dog to own. Pit bulls are very loyal, energetic, and playful. A huge misconception about a pit bull is that they make a good guard dog, this is not true. Pit bulls are very “people loving” and seek attention from everyone, and will even greet a stranger like a long lost friend. With this being said, pit bulls are not the best choice for a guard dog. As a whole, the breed is one of the most stable and safe dogs around today.

About a year ago, there was a article out for people to read, The Temperament Test. The temperament test was a series of tests that’s dogs had to go through to see how they handled different situations. Over 700 pit bulls were tested, and 86% passed the temperament test. The Chihuahua’s had 71% pass. Furthermore, the Yorkshire terrier, a house hold favorite, only had 82% pass. Now we don’t see people claiming Chihuahuas or Yorkshire terriers are a breed that needs to be banned.

Banning pit bulls would be like banning cars, because people get killed in car accidents. Who’s responsible, the car or the manufacturer/driver? Any car can be deadly in the wrong hands, or if built with defective parts. Same thing with dogs. Pit bulls are no more responsible for the way they are breed, raised, and trained, than cars are responsible for the way they are designed, built, and driven. ( …..)

As showed in the statistics above, pit bulls are one of the most stable and safe dogs around today....
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