The Banning of Drugs

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Abuse Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: October 30, 2012
When Coca Cola was first manufactured, it contained cocaine. It was mainly used as an energizer until it became addictive and lost its purpose. After the versatile encounters with addiction problems and dilemmas, the negative side effects of drugs became crystal clear. Drugs should not be legalized because it holds people victims of brain damage and intensive addiction.

Extended and severe use of drugs alters the brain in significant and enduring ways. Every drug has a certain effect on the brain, but all drugs chemically alter it. The amount of drugs required to cause certain results and how the brain processes the chemicals is not the same in all drug abusers. However, the fact that the brain controls the body's main functions applies to all individuals. Given the circumstance where the body is clean of any disturbing substances, the body functions normally and its operating patterns are dictated by communication with the brain . But when chemicals are introduced to the brain, the pattern is disrupted. Chemical messengers in the brain are altered, causing it to send undefined and strange messages to the body. This may cause an individual to think, feel, or act differently than they normally would.

When a person first starts abusing drugs, he does it for the fun of it and makes a habit of it. Becoming an addict is not a goal set in mind. However, little does that person know, that over time the abuse of drugs will become less satisfying and the regular use will become essential to feel normal. Mainly, drugs are the abuser's shelter and go-to comfort regardless of the problems it causes. This is where drug use moves from casual to problematic. The drug abuse will take hold of the user's life. A deterioration of performance in school, university, or jobs is visible. The user will also begin to frequently neglect social and family obligations. What started out as a voluntary quest for entertainment will turn into a crucial physical and psychological...
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