The Bandido Massacre

Topics: Murder, Death Penalty, Manslaughter Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: January 20, 2013
The Bandido Massacre

As of April 8th/2006, Canada had named the Bandido Massacre as one of its worst murder cases to ever be seen. Not only was the execution of the eight Bandido members horrifying, the events leading up to the trial , the betrayal of some of its members, and the trial and conviction that lasted almost three years is what makes this famous murder case go down in history.

On Saturday April 8th/2006, Russ Steele and his wife found three abandoned cars and a tow truck near their farm. Steele called the police with suspicion. Within hours of the police arriving, there were already new reports of the discovery of the eight bodies found in the cars. The victims were Jamie Flanz, George Jessome, George Kriarakis, John Muscedere, Luis Raposo, Frank Saverno, Paul Singooli and Michael Trotta, all of which were members of the Bandido club. The massacre started as a simple gathering of some of the “brothers”, but ended in a bloodbath as the eight victims were executed one by one and left in the cars, twenty-two kilometres away from the leader of the meeting; Wayne Kellistines farm.

In the days that followed, police had already charged five people with first degree murder. Out of the five already charged, Eric Neissan and his common-law wife, had their charges dropped and were replaced with eight counts of being accessories after the fact. By mid- June, police had made a breakthrough with the arrest of three men in Winnipeg associated with the murders. The trial for the accused began in March of 2009, almost three years after the massacre. The accused were held in a maximum security jail on Exeter Rd while the trial was in progress. It took until October of 2009, when they were convicted and sentenced. In court, some of the evidence used against them was the three cars and tow truck, the eight bodies found, and some of the weapons used in the killings were found a Kellestines farm. Police also had records of some of the conversations with two of the...
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