The Ban of Japanese Products

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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We Should Continue Trade With Japan

With the current political and social situation going on between China and Japan, a lot of people have thought about trade and economic prosperity between the two countries. Is it better to resist against the opposing country and block imports and stop exports? Or is it better to let the economy decide how to continue rising and keep the war on political grounds. When thinking about this topic, I thought it was best to keep the arguments on political grounds and continue trade. A countries economy, difference in stance on the topic and ability to rise are all greatly affected by trade.

In the study of economics, it is said that trade can make everyone better off. To fully understand this sentence, we can look at the trade of electronic devices and textile products between China and Japan. In Japan, electronics are produced at a high level of quality and textile products are also produced in China in a similar manner. To stop the trade of these two groups of products would leave both China and Japan scrambling to produce its own. In the end countless years of time and billions of dollars in GDP would be lost producing domestic versions of these products. Thus trade should be kept going.

A very important side of the “China vs. Japan” argument is that not all people care about the topic, or that not all people feel the same as each other. If there is disagreement in stance, there will be disagreement on politics and other aspects of life. Imagine a large business with executives with different views, this will reduce the ability of the business to thrive and make decisions quickly. Thus it would be best to keep a neutral stance and focus on other subject matters.

In the end, the only entity to receive harm is the one that decides to stop trade. Japanese products entering China can help China save time and money to make other products and projects. These past few decades, China has had a very healthy GDP growth of 2.0 to...
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