The Bahamas: a Tourism Success Story

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The Bahamas:
A Tourism Success Story

When we mention the Bahamas, what comes to mind, white sandy beaches, 2 day cruising, parasailing, water skiing, all night beach parties,…tourism? Yes, the Bahamas is world renown for their active part in tourism. They are the third richest country in the Americas and the richest country in the world with a predominantly black population, all owing to tourism. There are several other Caribbean countries which actively involved in tourism, yet, none are as successful as the Bahamas. So, what is the secret to this success?

The islands are located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream ensuring the islands enjoy winter warmth unknown to the American Continent. This presents an invitation to guests from Canada and Southern Florida which are in the majority. The Bahamas are described by John Macpherson in his book, Caribbean Lands, as a cluster of approximately 700 beauteous small islands surrounded by coral reefs and several cays and rocks to explore. Their waters are home to a rare predator, the shark. According to the National Geographic Magazine, over forty species cruise Bahamian waters, Great Whites, deadly Tiger Sharks, hammerheads and little lemon sharks have all made their homes in Bahamian waters.

The Bahamian Islands main rock content is that of limestone resulting in several caves with intricate karsts sceneries. Bahamians have strategically left several such islands untouched as a lure for nature lovers.

A Bahamian vacation also caters to the budget of its guests. On the last the Bahamian dollar was on a one to one ratio with that of the US. Also, US citizens do not need visas for short trips to the islands.

Despite its limitations where land space is concerned they have capitalized on their available sea, sand and sun and has made available a wide range of activities on both land and sea. They have a wide range of activities on both land and sea, from wind surfing, sailing, diving,...
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