The Badjao: Sea Gypsies

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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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The Badjao – which literally means fisherfolk or simply fishermen – is a group of indigenous people that are usually referred to as “Sea Gypsies,” making use of small wooden boats known locally as “vinta.” In their houseboats, also known as “Lepa” and “Pelang,” they usually carry all their belongings and valuables as they travel from one place to another. According to Dr. Pendatun I. Talib, Secretary General and Founder of the National Sama-Badjao Movement, Inc., and currently director of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources-Regional Fisheries Training Center in the Zamboanga Peninsula, the children of the Badjao people feel more at home whenever they are aboard their vintas because of their ties with the sea – having been at the sea.

To know the Badjao’s way of living
To know how they live in their current places
To know their basic daily routine, traditions, beliefs, and practices

If I would continue my research about the badjao’s, then I would know their way of living.

Significance of Study:
If I would continue my research and studies about this, it would: Change not only my way but also other people’s way of treating the badjao people. Change my first impression on ethnic groups like the badjaos. Let me know the way how they live and how they kept alive their culture.

Let me know the traditions, routines, practices, and beliefs of the badjao people. Conceptual Framework:

Definition of Terms:
Badjao in its origin simply means "Man of the Seas"
“Vinta”, small wooden boats known locally.
“Lepa” and “Pelang,” other term for houseboats.
The patadjung/tadjong has many uses. Among the Badjao it is large enough to fit any person and is worn by both men and women as a skirt or gown tucked at the chest level.It can serve as putung (headcover), waistband, sash, blanket, hammock, shoulder bag, cradle, pouch, hood, or pillow. A simpay (band) forms the front opening and extends to the back...
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