The Bad Side of Advertising

Topics: Fast Food Nation, Fast food, Infomercial Pages: 4 (1586 words) Published: March 30, 2012
After the advertising has appeared to the world, our life seems to become much easier than before. It has taken salesmen’s place in the last decades since people prefer to sit in their chair and watch the vivid introduction to the products than to listen to the salesman’s boring words. People can get to know the product that they want to spend money on in a more brief and visible way through ads. The advertising has already brought a lot of benefits to the customers, as well as the manufacturer. More and more manufacturers like to use ads to publicize their product. As a result, we can see any kinds of product in the street and on the screen. And here comes a problem.

When a woman is walking in the street with her 6-year-old kid, the little guy points at a beer billboard and says to his mom: “I’m thirsty. Can you buy me that drink? It seems good.” With no doubt, his request will be rejected and he will be told that it is not good for him and he hasn’t been the age to drink that. Ads, with content of tobacco, alcohol or sex, can be very unhealthy to kids and teenagers. However, in our daily life, it’s very easy to see these unhealthy-to-teens ads. Adults watch these ads just for pleasure and they ignore the negative effect of these “vice” ads to teens when they are growing. In fact, the problem of ads of unhealthy product should be solved immediately since it has occurred for years but no one takes action to against it yet.

It is too young for teens to know about these unhealthy products. In this age range, teens like to learn things and imitate what they are seeing no matter it is right or wrong since there is still no division between right or wrong in their mind. As long as something is kind of “cool” to them, they will absolutely imitate that. In many tobacco ads, we are always able to see a handsome man making a pose then lighting up a cigarette. His beautiful figure has encouraged so many boys to start lighting up their first cigarette. According to...
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