The Bad Effects That Video Games Have on Children

Topics: Learning, Play, Psychology Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: November 10, 2012
The Effects that Video Games have on Children
Merlinda Sandoval
ECE 405 Children & Families in a Diverse Society
Instructor: Richard Gaskill
Date: October 27, 2012

When it comes to today’s children many are questioning the effects that video games has on our children who are watching and playing these games. What effects are these videos having on our young children; children are not moving around physically and are they affecting them emotionally as well as mentally? Some think that video games can be positive, while other may think that they can have bad effects on children. Television and video games are possibly producing a negative effect on their little minds. There are video games that are both educational and non-educational; in the good ones children learn to read, do their math and learn many other concepts, while on the bad video games children are learning to shoot and kill to reach a desired level.

In such video games children are interactively involved and are entranced by the actions that take place in each scene. Young children are very vulnerable to what they see as they play the game which could affect their learning and their development with what is real or not real. Children are susceptible to their environment and their behavior can be easily impacted, therefore it is very important that young children be exposed to games that promote positive and educational learning, not fantasy play such as killing to advance to a higher learning. McMasters states, “There has been an increase in fictional violence in the electronic media.” The playing of video games may increase a child’s aggressive behavior because they are constantly playing over and over the violent acts throughout the video game. The method of repetition as they play the game is reinforcing their learning pattern and the children are likely to become addicted to these games as they continue to play it. When children are playing with these video games they are...
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