The Background of Werthers Original

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  • Published : March 2, 2011
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iQuestion 1: Werther’s Original
Werther’s Original is a brand of smooth and creamy toffee sweets and is owned by the German company August Storck KG. The company is based in Berlin and was founded in 1903. The company is a top-ranked global confectionary player, Storck ranks 13th in sale in the USA candy marketplace. Brands in the US portfolio currently include Werther's Original, RIESEN, Mamba, Merci, and Toffifay. The candy brand Werther’s Original will be the focus in this assigement. Werther’s Original is named after the town of Werther in Westphalia, which is a story the company, still tells.

I have chosen the Werther’s Original brand, because it is a brand that I have experienced wired things with. I mean, this brand awakes feelings and do things with me that is fascinating. I often stand in front of the candy shelf and at the same time as I see the package of Werther’s Original, I get a warm feeling inside me and think of my grandpa, but the weird thing is, I do not have any grandpa, actually both of my granddads died before I even was born, so I do not have any relationship with non of my grandpas. But the construction of the, you may say, imaginary grandpa, makes me choose WO again and again…. It is a nice story about passing something on to one you care about. And grandma’s food is always the best

Question 2: Emotional brand

Does focus on its functional benefits, the ads tell only about that they are smooth and creamy caramels? Whole the story about WO makes place to a potential product expansion. But the fact is, tha WO is fast moving consumer good

WOs strategy seems to center on building emotional connections to consumers of WO candy.

Pleasure of a lasting relationship: consumers at this level of attachment value the brand in question because it has been playing a role in their lives for quite some time. For example, a brand that someone has been using since they were a child because his/her parents bought it, a brand that someone...
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