The Background of DAY

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  • Published : November 26, 2011
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Background of DAY

Our brand is a renowned international Danish-owned clothing company founded in 1997 by Keld Mikkelsen and Malene Birger, headquartered in Odense and at Kongens Nytorv in Copenhagen. Our profit in 2006 was up to 13 million and has been expanding in recent years. Moreover, we hold two fashion shows in Copenhagen fashion week every year.

Our brand’s products can be classified into three main lines, which are male, female and home décor. Designet tilhører højeste kvalitet med etnisk inspireret broderi og udsmykning.The design of which belongs to the highest quality with a distinct Scandinavian style inspired by the true craftsmanship of Asian tailoring, the meeting of art and craft - embroidery, prints, patterns, edging and trimming. Our unique design includes modern, individual, bohemian and international styles with inspiration from the colonial period in the Far East, vintage flea market treasures and the glamour of the twenties and thirties.

Retail format
Our brand was originally a local retailer selling private labels but is now expanding into a global multichannel retailer. In less than 15 years of existence, our company has opened around 40 self-named boutiques. In total, 800 retailers in 25 different countries, such as Sweden , England and Germany, are currently selling our collections, out of which 60 can be found in France.

Target market
The target groups are women and men aged 25-40 with high income. Our new line 2nd DAY, on the other hand, is aimed at a slightly younger target market than the main range. The market segment is mainly Scandinavia, but is now expanding to other parts of Northern Europe.Konceptet bag tøjet er, at tilbyde festtøj til hverdagen til den modebevidste kvinde og herre. The concept behind our clothes is to offer evening wear to everyday life for the fashion-conscious women and men.

Background of Hong Kong

The main focus of our brand is in the Northern Europe, but the fact is that it is also suitable for the Asian market. We think that DAY can do that, by choosing Hong Kong as a starting point. Hong Kong, as a metropolitan, contains elements which fit the attitude and concept of our brand. Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, located on the southern coast of China. This location provides a good connection for the linkage of international companies to China. Besides, Hong Kong is one of the most famous international financial centres of the world with stable economic situation and is a developed city where the citizens can enjoy good quality of lives. These characteristics effectively help our brand to build its image in Asia as a brand new market. Hong Kong was a colony of Britain, and now it becomes the SAR of China. Therefore, the concept of “East meets West” is rather familiar in Hong Kong. We can find both British architectures and Chinese markets in Wan Chai. We can also enjoy both steak and congee at Cha Chaan Tengs. This kind of fusion matches the concept of our brand, combining local with global, as we create our design by mixing Asian embroideries and Western contemporary cutting together, making pieces of daily couture. We believe that the fusion concept can arouse a pretty large market for Hong Kong people and they can adapt to our brand easily.

The location of Hong Kong is also perfect for us to enter a larger market. Through Hong Kong, our products can be sold to China and other Asian cities. This is rather important as the interest of Danish fashion for Chinese companies is now rapidly growing. For instance, the Copenhagen Fashion Week this year attracted 50 Chinese buyers, media and producers like Vogue China, showing that a number of Chinese companies are giving a big recognition to Danish fashion. Now, there are approximately 30 Danish companies and 4000 retail stores operating in China, and the export level of the Danish fashion industry has increased its earnings by...
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