The Baby Boom Era Impact

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The Baby Boom Era Impact

Recruitment & Retention of Healthcare Professionals

HS546: Health Insurance & Managed Care

Keller University

Table of Contents
Executive summary3

Problem statement4

Literature review5

Problem analysis10

Solutions and Implementation12



Executive summary

The increasing number of elderly individuals is largely impacting the healthcare personnel and the industry itself. Apart from the problem of trying to provide qualified health physicians for patient treatment, new perspectives are coming up and they will significantly modify the healthcare industry. The new perspectives will modify the manner in which health services are received and provided. In addition, recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals (i.e. Doctors, nurses, midwifes, medical assistants, nurse practitioners, hospital personnel, etc.) has become crucial to enhancing access to medical services especially to the aging and underserved population in the United States.

Experts have provided two reasons that have accounted for differences in generational values and attitudes. “The first reason involves historical events such as World War and the second reason concerns itself with employee trying to be particular with what they expect from their employers.” (Diane A., 2001). Moreover, regardless of “the fact that people from different generations do not agree on some things, they share some common aspects.” This paper illustrates two major age groups “namely baby boomers and the x-generation and discusses their distinctions and similarities”. (Leigh, 2011). In addition, the impact of these generations on recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals, solutions to this issue and their justification is also discussed.

This paper also outlines “management strategies that employers can utilize in the healthcare sector in order to heighten the morale of workers hem from different generations and retain them as well.” (Andrew & Michael, 2009). The existing situations, challenges, and the manner in which they impact the healthcare workforce have also been addressed as you go on to learn in this paper.

Problem statement

The generation of the people born between 1946 and 1964 called “Baby Boomers” are aging. The aging of this generation will continue to have great impact on the health care workforce as years go by. In a study result published by Center for Health Workforce School of Public Health, University of Albany New York, “the expected growth of older adult population in the U.S over the next 50 years will have an unprecedented impact on the U.S Health care system, especially in terms of supply of and demand for health care worker.” In this study it was also noted that “the supply of health care workers may decrease as they age and large numbers of retire and/or reduce their working hours.” (Studies, C.F., 2006)

So what would this mean for the healthcare workforce? One thing that we can be sure of is that as people generally age, they tend to need more health care and at times develop different health condition. In light with this statement, it is affirmed in the above studies that “older adults consume a disproportionately large share of American health care services, so demand for health care services will grow. Secondly, the aging of the population will also affect the nature of skills and services the health care work force must be prepared to provide, and the settings in which this care is provided.” (Wendy, Wang, Anthony. 2007). So in this paper, we will continue to explore the impact of people born during the baby boom era, on recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals. Our focus will be on some of the key factors expected to affect the ability of the health care work force to meet future demands of older adults and at the same time that...
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