The Aztec Art

Topics: Lawn mower, Environmentalism, Recycling Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: December 14, 2012
HE7 L11 Lab Activity 11 (25 points) You have almost completed this lesson! You have learned about positive and negative behaviors toward the environment. Now it is time to develop a plan to put the positive behavior in place and decrease your negative behaviors. For the following lab, you will need to: 1. Discuss at least five new positive behaviors that you will participate in to improve the environment (make sure you list behaviors that are helpful to the environment – they may also be helpful to you, but make sure they help the environment, as well. For example – using sunscreen is not a behavior that would help the environment. It is a good idea to practice this for your own health, but you should not list it in this assignment).

I am going to use a reel mower instead of my gas lawn mower. This will make sure I am not adding to the pollution in the air. I will walk or ride my bike around town. If a car is not used or even any gas powered vehicle then I will be making sure I am not adding to the air pollution. I am going to plant tree's in my yard ( my mom said I could ) There are many ways that tree's can help the environment. I am going to use a reuseable water bottle instead of buying plastic water bottles. I will set out recycling bins by our trash can. i will have a paper bin, plastic bin, aluminum bin and a glass bin. I will take the cardboard up the street to the cardboard recycling area in my town.

2. Discuss at least three negative behaviors that you participate in that are not environmentally conscious and that you will change in order to benefit the environment.

I was buying plastic water bottles and drinking from those. So I am going to buy a reusable water bottle. I use a lawn mower gas powered to mow my lawn. I will use a Reel or man powered lawn mower. I ask my mom for rides all the time. I will walk or ride my bike instead of asking for rides.

Advanced (5 points) All five positive behaviors are listed All three negative...
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