The Awful Truth

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The Awful Truth|
Double or single edged blade|


"The Awful truth" much like the show cased song Dixie Belle's "My Dreams are Gone With the Wind" depending on what point of view one uses when looking at it there can be a either positive or negative connotation but yet contains a constant that draw together and binds both artistic pieces. Thus, creating a form of simile between the two, the song however itself can be use to represent the movie do the fact the Lucy performance showcases to use what we truly need to understand, and perfectly highlight what the "Awful Truth" is.

Lucy's performance of Dixie Belle's song "My Dreams are Gone With the Wind" is taken very differently, depending on which character is viewing the performance. In this case the view points are heavily influences by the identity in which the other characters recognizes Lucy as being. The dance and song are present as sensually and possess a sexually tone to them, this is the one consent throughout all the view points and is what ties Lucy's plan together. As Cavell says " Her solution is to create her identity so that the very thing that repels the proper Vances is what attracts Jerry..." (Cavell, PH, 251) In other words by performing a dance and song that had that sensually and sexually tone has negative connotation to the Vances who know Lucy has Jerry sister it may even take on incestuous tone. Where as to Jerry who view Lucy as a partner it seen in positive light as she giving herself solely to Jerry or as said by Cavell “...Lucy is declaring herself, to Jerry alone of course, as the woman he strays from the house to keep company with. She proposes herself as a field on which he may weave passion and tenderness, so that he might desire where he loves; she reminds him of this possibility by reminding him of who she is. "(Cavell, PH, 253). This duel view point based on ones understanding and views about Lucy but based on the same basic...
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