The Award of Best Commercial Goes to...

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Case Study: And the Award for the Best Commercial Goes To…


Choudhry Shahid Nadeem

Columbia College, Calgary
Sid Horovitz

Assignment # 02
OCT, 17 2012

Case Study: And The Award For Best Commercial Goes To…
P&G Canada is a subsidiary of the world’s largest consumer products company Procter & Gamble. The company is continuously looking on the best ways to adopt for its employees motivation. One way of motivation that the company adapted is to hold its annual in-house awards night. P&G Canada’s 100 employees contested for 10 Canadian Business Building Marketing Awards. This includes three for individual excellence and seven for team execution. The main objective of these awards is to inspire, celebrate and reward the organization. The three individual winners were chosen by a nine-member team of senior marketers and seven team category winners were determined during the awards night based on the votes from the audience. The audience took into account the business results of the each contesting team, from the two-minute video presentation of each team. The winners just get pride of performance, as these awards are a mean to motivate the employees and to celebrate the great achievements done by them.

Answer Question # 01:
To improve the organizational effectiveness at Procter & Gamble Canada through the awards event, we should consider the “High Performance Work Practices (HPWP) perspective”. As the organizations are considered effective when they have a good fit with their external environment, have efficient & adaptive internal subsystems and at the same time are satisfying the needs of the stakeholders (Employees are a part of stakeholders). There are numerous high performance work practices, Like employees involvement and job autonomy, both tends to improve decision making and employee motivation. They often form to self directed teams....
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