The Awakening by Kate Chopin the Feminist View of Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Love, Gospel of John Pages: 4 (1423 words) Published: October 5, 2011
The Feminist View of Marriage
The Awakening by Chopin was written in a time where marriage and love did not have the same meaning as it does today. The women in this time was forced into an arranged marriage at a young age, they had no time to experience life they self. In today society we have a choice on who we marry and for what reason why we choose to marry. Edna marriage was to escape from her family cage only to replace by Mr.Ponteller cage. She was forced in to a loveless marriage for the appearance of society. Marriage to the Edna was something that was suffocated the life out of her. It seemed that she had no voice in the world around her that affects her. She realize that she want more out life than to be just a mother and wife. So often in life we get caught up in life not realizing that we have not spent enough time enjoy life. She realized that staying into a loveless marriage, she would lose a little of herself every day. “She was a grown young woman when she was overtaken by what supposed to be the climax of her fate.” (Chopin, 2011, chapter7 P). She found that her marriage lacks the passion and love she long for. “It was when the face and figure of a great tragedian began to hunt her imagination and stir her sense. The persistence’s of realm of dreams and romance.” (Chopin, 2011, Chapter 7, P).

Love is often mistaken as like, lust and sympathy for others. We have perceived and adopted many version of love in the life we have live and will live. This is the fate that Edna faced in her marriage with Leonce. She was misled by thinking that Leonce love was enough for their marriage to work. She admits herself that her marriage to Mr. Ponteller was accident that she happens to fall in.”Her marriage to Leonce Ponteller was purely accident” (Chopin, 2011, Chpter 7).She was blinded by his ability to pleased her with his devotion for her and feel so what a sympathy for him. “He pleased her; his absolute devotion flattered her. She fancied there was...
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