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The Avery Berkel Erp Implementation

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The Avery Berkel Erp Implementation

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  • November 2012
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The Avery Berkel ERP Implementation
Due to universal company expansion policy; clientele base escalates to insurmountable volumes, financial matters go way out of hand for the top level management to handle and employees become such a huge task for the company to supervise and coordinate. Every company has a challenge to have visibility to management, overcome competition hurdle and have a strong commitment to its workforce. Hence, the introduction of Enterprise Resource Planning soft wares frequently referred to as (ERP’s) which forms the basis of decision-making processes within a company (Akkermans A. Helden K 35). These kind of information systems permits amalgamation of all manufacturing and related applications for an entire enterprise (Violet 301). The introduction of ERP in company per se is not a problem; the problem lies in its implementation and integration with the old system. A botched up ERP implementation process may cost a company great losses in terms of revenues and time. This paper will endeavor to bring into limelight the best practices in ERP implementation process, issues will be elaborated using real case study whereby a COSMOS ERP of OSM suite called COSbatch was used. Avery Berkel is a multi national manufacturing company, its hub is in the United Kingdom but it has sixteen (16) subsidiary companies across the globe. “Its world-class products range from retail scales and supermarket systems, to sensitive scientific balances, industrial weighing platforms and vehicle weighbridge solutions, as well as food slicers” (Abdinnour H, Lengnick H 250). As years elapsed the company expanded, the systems in place could not cope with the excessive backlog of work, competition was encroaching, transaction processing like such as inventory, stock control and replenishment, could not be tackled fast enough; this restrained the company from growing and creating new services intended to meet the swift market changing needs....

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