The Average Joe

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Ross Murphy

Exemplification Essay
The Average Joe
The Average Joe is interpreted as a nine to five, boring, laid back worker, but they can break out of their everyday mold. Average people are normally considered middle class working people with a small to medium size family. They live to work their job to make their family’s life better, and this is why sometimes they can be associated with the word boring. Normally they just sit back and let the world pass by like nothing ever happened the day before. Sometimes though, these average everyday people like to break away and let loose of their problems and go a little wild. Even though their lives seem so boring, these average people are very complex and different.

Most people can be considered and Average Joe, but that doesn’t make them boring by any means. These average people are loving people that can have fun just like everyone else. Average people don’t get very many chances to break loose due to either family or work obligations. The chance they get to break loose though, it seems that they kind of go crazy and splurge a little bit. I consider my parents as your average every day people, and from experience I can say that they love to get away from everyday life. Sometimes these people could go to Las Vegas to get away from their problems and spend way too much money.

Things that these people may do if given a chance to break loose could include a trip to a different country, or maybe a fishing trip, or maybe something even as exotic as sky diving. The reason why I include sky diving is because my father (who I would include in the Average Joe category) has been trying to plan a sky diving trip for a couple years now. Many of these type of people would love to go on a cruise or do something as simple as camping and it would be considered something out-of-the-ordinary to them. Through my many years of life examining people from this group I would call the average person I would say that a...
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