The Australian Healthcare System

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The Australian Healthcare System
Student Name: Lu Qi
Student Number: 384150
Teachers: Mrs. A. Miletic
Mrs. F. Nicholls
Line: 9
I chose the Australian healthcare system as my topic because I found everyday on newspaper there are always some articles telling about the health reform in Australia or in the US. And just in June this year, the final report by the NHHRC (National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission) was released, in which it makes up to 123 recommendations towards the current healthcare system in Australia. It quite surprised me when I first read some of the recommendations because the problems revealed by the report were so severe and unbelievable. Before I did this project, I thought that the health system in Australia is quite wonderful and there could only be some tiny deficiencies in the system. However this report quite shocked me after I finished reading it. When I was thinking about which approach I should choose, I figured out that it’s not suitable for a person who just came into the contact with the health system in Australia to write an opinionative article explaining his own opinion. In general, health system is quite good in Australia and there is no point to explain the good parts so I will focus on the problems of the current health system. And here are my four objectives:

An overview of the healthcare system in Australia.
What effects have the healthcare system impacted on patients? What does the final report by the NHHRC tell us?
First, I went to the Taylors library to look for the topic corresponding to the ‘healthcare system’ in the “Finding Current Information [Issues] 2009” Then in my English class, my teacher led us to the computer room and the curator in the library showed us how to use the Echo-Ed and E-library, and I found several articles through the E-library. The curator said “though the E-library has collected the articles from the newspaper, some visual pictures are not collected”, therefore she suggested us to find the articles in the newspapers collected by the library. I looked at the newspapers collected by the library, such as The Age, the Herald-Sun and The Australian. I found several useful articles during the research. Later, I was trying to find some articles from the book. But through the computers in the library, I can hardly find anything useful. So I still keep finding the articles through E-library. As the articles on the internet are up-to-date and easily accessible, I searched through The Age website, The Australian website and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation website. And through first two, I found some articles explaining the current health care. And through the last website, I found a transcript about Kevin Rudd’s opinions upon the health reform. Section B

Analysis of Findings:
Objective 1: An overview of the healthcare system in Australia. According to my findings, the general estimations of the healthcare system in Australia are quite different. Frequent stories of personal tragedies in the media have led the public to believe the Australia’s system is at “tipping point” (Norington 2009, p.3), which means the current health system is under too much pressure. However, the report by the NHHRC showed that Australians have an “envied” universal access to the medical care (National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission 2009, p.45). This means the current health system is quite good, but still needs some improvements. This difference can be explained by the way people in the society are influenced by the disastrous incidents reported by the media, which “add fuel to public concerns” (NHHRC 2009, p.45), and get the incorrect concept that the health system fails to work properly. But the lots of tragic accidents really can tell that something is...
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