The Atomic Bomb

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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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Alexis Schutte
Mr. Adye 10-10-11
Period 4
The Atomic Bomb
There has been a lot of controversy on why the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, on rather it could have been avoided or not. It was said to be used to intimidate the Soviet Union and to keep them from entering the war, which would cause more problems for the United States if they did. I believe the atomic bomb wasn't just meant for the United States to show off to the Soviet Union at the time, because the Japanese were most likely going to literally fight to the death.

The American government had many good reasons on why the bomb was necessary to end the war. It was the quickest and less costly on American and Japanese blood. Without the bomb, the Allied forces would have to invade the Japanese island, having to face over 5,000,000 men and over 5,000 suicide air-crafts(Stimson). It could cost over a million American causalities and at the earliest wouldn't end till the end of 1946 (Stimson). If the Allies had to attack the Japanese islands, it would mean having to look to the Soviet Union for aid(Eisenhower). Without the bomb being dropped as soon as it did and without any warning, the Soviet Union would join the war(Eisenhower). If so, Americans would have to worry about the spreading of Russian influence into Europe possibly (Szilard).

The Japanese were already hit pretty hard with all the massive air raids that were dropped on the islands. Their big industries were destroyed by B-29 bombing and it seemed almost impossible for Japanese to carry on, let alone try defend their islands from the Allied forces (Arnold). The Japanese though were given a chance to an unconditional surrender to end all the pain of the war, which they refused. Even though they had nothing left, they would still try to fight and defend with nothing till the very end.

With all this comes the realization of how morally wrong the atomic bombs were. It killed so many innocent men, women, and children that had no warning...
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