The Atlantic Seal Hunt

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The Seal Hunt

As a Newfoundlander I strive to hold on to every bit of our culture and history we have left. Newfoundlanders have always been known for their hard work and dedication. We’ve found work in several areas, as the island we live on has given to us. The fishery, Pulp and Paper, and more recently oil and gas. Something we’ve always been part of is the Canadian Seal Hunt. Which takes place off the "Gulf" areas around the Magdalen Islands and Prince Edward Island. The main hunt on the so-called "front" usually begins in April off the east coast of Newfoundland. (FAQs: The Atlantic seal hunt, 2009) I am in support of the Canadian Seal Hunt, It’s something that has been a part of our history for years, and it helps many Newfoundlanders find the employment they need to sustain everyday life.

The Canadian Seal Hunt benefits Canadian’s in countless ways, by providing employment for many Atlantic Canadians and by also putting money back into the economy. The federal government has said that the value of the seals has exceeded $16.5 million in the year 2005. It has also provided a “significant” source of income for thousands of sealers, which has benefited their families at a time when other fishing options were unavailable, or limited at best. (FAQS: The Atlantic seal hunt, 2009). This “Significant” source of income for thousands of sealers is how many of their families got by, how their children could afford their education, how they could sustain a normal life. Not only is it money in the sealers pockets it’s money in the Canadian economy. All the extra income the sealers are making is being taxed, and these tax dollars are going into resources Canadian’s use everyday, like health care and transportation. Canadians are not only benefiting from the seals in this way. The seals are used for primarily food, fuel and clothing. However beyond that seals are also used for leathers, oil, handicrafts, meat for humans and animals consumption, as well as seal oil...
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