The Atchison Corporation (A)

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The Atchison Corporation (A)

Price Millman’s comments in his informal meeting with divisional vice presidents were honest and forward, the types of comments that people at Atchison could both respect and fear. While the company was built on ethics and honesty, Millman’s comments, while honest, give the impression of a shift in the way Atchison does business. His philosophy is very much different, with a “fight until you die” mentality, very confrontational. This is very much the case in his closing comments, stating that he’s thinking of a new format for the company, and laying it on the line by stating that each month will must be better the last.

This is very confrontation stance, and in most cases I would strongly disagree with taking it. But with a new format coming, he can take this type of approach, to see if in fact his vice presidents will try very hard to increase sales.

Millman is already fighting an uphill battle. Employees tend to resent change. But he has one thing going for him in that respect. He can offer a change that will increase employee wealth, by offering those things that Atchison did not. While Jerome Atchison may have prided himself with “taking case of family” he in reality was not helping his family at all. With little to no compensation plan, employees have been offered no drive to work better or harder. Instead, they simply do enough work not to get fired. When you look at management, you see that his policy was further counter productive, because no manager could be fired, unless with a review from the top, and basically had to be on dishonesty or some other ethic reason. These, coupled with the idea of lifetime careers no longer stand clear today, and Millman fighting spirit will likely do away with this old-style thinking.

The first thing to implement is a policy change. Broad sweeping compensation plans from top to bottom. You have to give employees something to work for. Second, you set forth a policy to...
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