The Asian American Experience

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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From Asian backgrounds, learning new concepts and political parties in America are foreign to Asians. From the entire continent of Asia, most of the population never participated, or had the opportunity to participate, in a unified nation. Most countries were ruled by brutal dictators, extremist rule, and corrupt governments based from ones own ideology. Several factors have been constructed to explain why Chinese Americans, and majority of Asians, have not been active in politics.

Certain traits are foreign to Chinese culture. To become a candidate means to take risks, invite criticism, be assertive, and be willing to extol one’s virtues (Schaefer pg. 314). I would assume that most do not really like to take risks. They probably feel insecure about themselves to invite criticism about ones belief; seeing through the history they have been through in Asia. Being assertive does not seem like something they possess.

Another reason why they would not be politically active is because older people remember when discrimination was blatant, and they tell others to be quiet and not attract attention (Schaefer pg. 314). Asians remember when they were once discriminated throughout American history. Two main areas to point out would be in the 1800s when they were used as labor for railroad work. Another area would be the attack on Pearl Harbor. Most Japanese Americans were rounded up and placed in concentration camps. For these two acts committed, Asians never received a formal apology from America. Without drawing attention to themselves and having the past repeat itself, they found a way to keep quiet and to themselves.

Many recent immigrants have no experience with democracy and arrive with a general distrust of government (Schaefer ph. 314). As I noted earlier, throughout history Asia has never truly had a unified, democratic, capitalistic governments. Most ideologies in Asia consisted of monarchs, totalitarianism, communism, and socialism. Dictators, kings, and...
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