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Siomai House Foods Inc., located in Manila, Philippines, is a wholesaling company specializing in importing high-quality Asian foods like Dimsum siomai and repackaging them for sale to specialty food retailers/franchising. The business was established to offer authentic Asian foods to the growing population in the country as well as to an ever-increasing market of urban professionals who enjoy eating more adventurous specialty ethnic foods.

In recent years, the rise of Asian fusion through the integration of Japanese, Thai or Chinese and Singaporean food in culinary cuisine has been a prevalent trend in restaurant themes and dishes on menus. There's a new crop of Asian fusion that has been hitting the streets using inspirations from the lesser- known or less-popularized cultures from the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Korea. While each of these cultures has their signature restaurants and food stalls around the city, there are certain ingredients or foods that have stepped up to the table to become a part of the conversation.

From Vietnamese cuisine, while the traditional Pho soup noodles and fresh rolls using shrimp wrapped in rice wrappers are the mainstream foods are -- the Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwich has made its way on menus all across the main cities.

Singapore is another culture that is not too well-known amongst the mainstream foodie scene. However Hawker Bar, in downtown Toronto, is set on highlighting the culture of Singapore street food in its modest setting. Their version of the traditional Laksa Lemak is definitely worth trying. It is a thick and rich coconut curry soup with rice noodles, with fresh snow peas, eggplant, red pepper and puffy tofu inside it, and is a staple around hawker food centers around Singapore.

Ramen are very popular noodle dishes in Japan, and boiled noodles are basically served in different flavored soup with many toppings. Chukamen noodles which are generally made with wheat flour and kansui (alkaline solution) are used for ramen dishes. There are many regional speciality ramen available in Japan. They are different in broth, soup flavors, toppings, noodle texture, and more. Ramen chefs usually train for a long time to make good ramen soup. It is popular because of its very delicious taste and it will surely be patronized if you make it as a business.

Korea has been a rising star in the Asian world with the popularity of PSY's K-pop hit single"Gangnam Style" and Samsung's successful launch of the Galaxy note: it's Korea's national dish of Kim Chi that has become center of attention in the culinary world. Most recently you can see it on menus for stuffing in tacos and toppings on hot dogs.

This Asian Dishes was the very hottest trends in Filipino taste buds in our modern generation and surely will become the top trending foods in the next generation in the country.

So our company was making an extreme Food Fusion in an authentic Food Cafeteria that we called “Asia’s Best Soups In Siomai House” of Siomai House Inc., this cafeteria will be serving different types of dishes that is came from different origin countries in the Asia. This Food Cafeteria will be located at the SM Taytay Mall.

“Asia’s Best Soups”


Siomai House


Siomai House Inc.


Our main Objective is to serve Filipino people the best dishes of the different Asian cuisine in order to widen more the knowledge and ideas of the Filipinos about the different cultures of the different countries in the Asia.


To provide qualitative Asian Cuisines in the country and to give Filipino people a great satisfaction by their foods in a different cultured ways.


To be the best asian cuisine restaurant in the country and to make more branches and stores across the Philippines.

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