The Art of Washing Dishes

Topics: Washing, WASH, Hygiene Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: November 22, 2012
Process Analysis: The Art of Washing Dishes
Eibby Porras
Hodges University

Professor Greg Durrschmidt
July 9, 2012
Process Analysis: The Art of Washing Dishes
My Aunt Grace taught me a very important lesson: the art of washing dishes. When I was eight years old, she invited me to her home for dinner. Afterwards, taking me to her modest kitchen, she asked me to help her wash dishes. She started by telling me the story of how she learned with my great grandmother and today was my opportunity to learn this splendid lesson. This method starts before getting to the sink at the dinning table, by dividing all dishes. At the sink, they are carefully washed with soap and water in a specific order. The process comes to an end by drying and putting everything away. Her rule was never leave dirty dishes over hour in the sink and even worst never leave them for the next day, because it was unhygienic. This of course was many years ago.

This process starts at the dinning table; once everyone has finished eating, they are excuse to leave the table. The first step is to clean all the dishes from leftovers; then the plates are arranged by dimension and they are piled up carefully without making a lot of noise, then all silverware is put together and finally glasses are picked up.

Next, all dishes are taken to the sink; the amazing part is that no soaking is required because as soon as everyone is finished, dishes are washed. The next step is to put soap on a sponge and start washing first all glasses as a result; glasses will be free from stains and grease. Consequently, plates are washed with soap and water. Finally, all silverware is washed.

All dishes are then rinsed off following the same order glasses, plates and silverware placing them on dish rack. Glasses need to be facing down, so that water runs down from the inside faster, plates are put vertically and silverware can be put vertically or...
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